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Steve Coleman has been a personal trainer and fitness expert for over 12 years. He has coached and advised in top fitness magazines such as MEN’S HEALTH. He has also been the trainer on the global television series WORLD RUGBY (“Flab 2 Fit”).

Steve is a true motivator and role model to his clients with all of whom he has a unique connection. His extensive client base includes A-list film actors and elite athletes as well as sports, television and media personalities, transforming the bodies of countless people of all ages, shapes and sizes. Steve’s years of experience within the fitness industry along with his passion and dedication has driven him to reach out to more people by devising online training plans.

Steve’s online plans have already proved successful. Specifically written for those he coached in the media (Alex Payne and Jason Euell for MEN’S HEALTH and Tom Ridgeway and Maria Castellina for WORLD RUGBY (“Flab 2 Fit”), these training programmes are being used by hundreds of people across the globe in countries such as Australia, China, Fiji, Japan, Sweden, USA (to name but a few!) as well as many closer to home in the UK. With hard work and by following Steve’s plans people have achieved dramatic results.

Unable to keep up with the requests for personal training and guidance following the success of his previous work, Steve has formulated two new online training and nutrition plans for anyone wanting to transform their body: ABS BY STEVE COLEMAN (for men) and BIKINI BODY BY STEVE COLEMAN (for women). He truly believes that by following his plans anyone with the dedication and commitment can change their body in a matter of weeks.


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ABS By Steve Coleman 6 Week Training & Nutrition PDF Plan
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BIKINI BODY By Steve Coleman 6 Week Training & Nutrition PDF Plan
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Men’s Health Alex Payne’s Six Week 6 Pack Training & Nutrition PDF Plan
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Men’s Health Jason Euell’s 4 Week Match Fit Training & Nutrition PDF Plan
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Total Rugby Flab 2 Fit Female 6 Week Training & Nutrition PDF Plan
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Total Rugby Flab 2 Fit Male 6 Week Training & Nutrition PDF Plan
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  • “Without Steve this definitely wouldn’t have been possible”

    Dan Radcliffe Abs Transformation
    Daniel Radcliffe
  • “Steve is an excellent trainer, skilled at getting me to try new exercises and push myself. As a result I am much much fitter and stronger than I used to be. I actually enjoy working out.”

    Deborah Lightfoot
  • “I have worked with Steve Coleman Fitness for several years and have really enjoyed the experience. I first started when I had a knee injury but still wanted aerobic training and it worked well. Once I was through my injury we have worked on combined strength and stamina sessions which I enjoy (well afterwards!) I am CEO of a large company and have a busy lifestyle which Steve helps me manage. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.”

    Martin Glenn
    CEO English FA
  • “Steve was brilliant at keeping things fresh, finding new challenges and ways of training which was vital to keep motivation levels high. He kicked me when I felt idle, laughed at me when I got cross and encouraged me when I needed it most. He was a pleasure to be flogged by, and hopefully the pictures speak for themselves when it comes to proving that he knows what he’s doing. To Steve, a huge thank you.”

    Alex Payne
    Sky Sports Presenter
  • “The total rugby flab to fitness challenge was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but the results have been phenomenal – my game has improved and I feel fitter, stronger and healthier. Steve broke the diet and exercise down for me so it was easy to follow and kept me going when things got tough! If a beer-drinking rugby player like me can do it, anyone can – so long as you put your mind to it.”

    Maria Castellina
    Maria Castellina
    Amateur Rugby Player
  • “Steve had weights coming at me from all angles, calling on muscles I’d never worked before and I absolutely loved it!”

    Jason Euell
    Former Pro Footballer
  • “A massive thanks to Steve, I wouldn’t have got where I am without your knowledge and motivation.”

    Tom Ridgeway
    Amateur Rugby Player
  • “Steve is an inspiration. His ability to communicate with his tough but fun approach has kept me punching well above my weight for more than ten years. I cannot recommend him more highly.”

    Vicky Peirson