BIKINI BODY By Steve Coleman 6 Week Training & Nutrition PDF Plan

BIKINI BODY By Steve Coleman 6 Week Training & Nutrition PDF Plan


– Burns fat
– Sculpts the body
– Tones abs
– Strengthens core
– Increases fitness levels
– Can be done in the gym or at home (with minimal equipment. See below)

– Bodyweight workouts
– Resistance workouts
– Conditioning workouts
– Ab workouts
– Videos demonstrating how to perform each exercise correctly with beginner and advanced options where needed
– Weekly meal plan including shopping list
– Vegetarian weekly meal plan including shopping list
– Simple foods for busy lifestyles
– Different choices for each meal and snack

– Kettlebell (can be bought online and in supermarkets)
– TRX or similar (e.g. Pro P3 £39.99 from Amazon)
(These should be available at your local gym. Alternatively if you are doing this plan from home both can be bought online)

PLEASE NOTE: We believe in a paperless environment and find clients like to best open the plan on their phones and tablets when training. This is a PDF Plan.

  • Description


    Welcome to Bikini Body by Steve Coleman!

    In my experience as a personal trainer the most common thing I get asked for by women is to help them achieve a body they will be proud to show off in a bikini.

    With this in mind, I wanted to develop a plan that will show dramatic results no matter what your body shape is to begin with.

    This is a six week training and nutrition plan that combines resistance and cardio workouts with healthy eating, designed to burn fat, strengthen and sculpt the body. I have trained, coached and advised women of all ages, shapes and sizes and know that all of these factors will play a key role in determining the end result.

    With my guidance in this plan and your hard work and dedication you will certainly be looking forward to digging that old bikini out. You’ll be so pleased with the results you might even buy yourself a new one!

    Your six week transformation starts here, good luck!

    Steve Coleman

  • Reviews (11)

    11 reviews for BIKINI BODY By Steve Coleman 6 Week Training & Nutrition PDF Plan

      Amy Coleman July 17, 2018

      I have just finished following this plan and absolutely loved it. It was easy to follow and the intensity increased every week as I got fitter and stronger. You can see my before and after picture in the front of the plan! I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to look and feel great! Go for it!!

      Zoe Bovingdon July 17, 2018

      I was inspired to get the bikini body plan while watching a real time transformation on instagram and I’m glad I did. I’m halfway through and already seeing a massive difference so I had to write as I’m so impressed. You can’t afford NOT to do this 6 week plan. I’m excited to see what happens in the next few weeks.

      Kate Reardon July 17, 2018

      I had my doubts over what could be achieved in this time
      Scale but by consistently following the plan I reduced body fat and increased my fitness but best of all, I feel amazing. Lighter, happier and more confident. This is an easy to follow, no gimmicks plan from a professional who really is top of
      his game. Absolutely delighted! Thanks Steve!

      Sarah Bell July 20, 2018

      I signed up to the 6 week bikini plan last year and was delighted with my results! I did work my backside off for 42 days, but because the plan was so easy to follow, it became part of my daily routine and still is today. Fitness and meal plans are set out clearly with no waffle and all exercises can be done at home with some simple kit. Steve is such a great motivator and the results of his plans speak for themselves!

      Nadia Tawil July 21, 2018

      Not only is this plan simple and straight toward to follow (Mum of two with limited time!) but it motivates me to change my lifestyle m, from what I eat to how I exercise. I learn something new everyday and it never gets boring or repetitive. Great energy, great results! Would 100% recommend.

      Krissie Dooley August 7, 2018

      I’ve really enjoyed this plan! I’ve got a husband, two kids and work full time so life is pretty manic but I managed to fit in all the workouts in my lunch breaks and did runs when the kids were at sports at the weekends. It’s affordable and all you need is a little bit of will power!! Well done Steve x

      Gemma Gould August 7, 2018

      Loved this! It helped me out of my rut that I’d been stuck in for years and now I’m much more confident working out in the gym. Saw massive changes in my body quickly. Thanks Steve!!

      Sarah James August 9, 2018

      Loved it!

      Simone Davidson August 14, 2018

      Great plan. Got what I wanted from it and more

      Hannah Plumb September 6, 2018

      This plan has left me with incredible results that totally surpassed my expectations. I had already lost 2 stone and wanted to tone up in time to confidently wear a bikini on a my 10 year anniversary trip. This was the final push I needed and I’m so glad I signed up. I am a busy, working mum with no access to a gym. I invested in an 8kg kettlebell and a TRX and did everything from home. The training was progressive and clear to follow, with links to demonstrate each exercise (even for beginners). The food was straightforward and quick to prepare. I’m not going to say it was all easy, but nothing that’s worth it ever is! I stuck to it and achieved amazing results, even by the end of week one – weight loss, inch loss and plenty of energy. I’ve honestly never felt fitter or healthier. If you want dramatic results quickly and are prepared to work hard for it, give this plan a go.

      viclyspice September 15, 2018

      Swipe to see progress!! TOOK A LOT TO POST THESE!!
      After a 3 monts of being on weight watchers and just walking more at work (resulting in losing a stone), i reached out to @stevecolemanfitness on Instagram to enquire which of his plans he would recommend for me. I gave him my circumstances and what I wanted to achieve & he recommended his 6 week bikini plan .
      Following a weekend away, I decided the 6 weeks run up before I head to the US for 2.5 weeks, would be the best time to test out this plan. I wanted to kick start my journey back into properly working out and getting my health and fitness into check.
      Thinking “oh I’ll just get this, follow it and see what happens…bit of self motivation, no-one else will really care.”…how wrong was I!
      I not only fellnin love with training, eating well and seeing great results, but the fact Steve genuinely cared about how I was getting on, would check in regularly to see whether i needed any tips, or just kept giving motivation along the way, was such a pleasant surprise. Not like people who just put out a plan to make money and let people get on with it, Steve cares. It makes a massive difference.
      Going from someone who hated working out and would happily avoid it for weeks at a time, I now look forward to going to the gym. Even before or after working shifts at work.
      For me, this has been a lifestyle change. In 6 weeks I’m 2 dress sizes down, another stone down and have reached my sub 13st goal for the states next week.
      I’m sleeping better, I’m more energetic and my self confidence has rocketed.
      Thank you steve!! I’ll be sticking to plan as close as possible (whilst not avoiding fun and bad stuff in the US) and continuing to enjoy my new love of the gym and myself. This is just a starting block!!

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