Men’s Health Jason Euell’s 4 Week Match Fit Training & Nutrition PDF Plan

Men’s Health Jason Euell’s 4 Week Match Fit Training & Nutrition PDF Plan



– Burns fat
– Builds muscle
– Conditions abs

– Strength workouts
– Bodyweight workouts
– Conditioning workouts
– Ab workouts
– Weekly meal plan for training days
– Weekly meal plan for rest days
– Simple foods for busy lifestyles
– Different choices for each meal and snack
– Supplement suggestions with 40% discount code (optional)

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PLEASE NOTE: We believe in a paperless environment and find clients like to best open the plan on their phones and tablets when training. This is a PDF Plan.

  • Description


    I trained Jamaican, Charlton Athletic and Wimbledon football legend Jason Euell, (35) for the Men’s Health four week “Match Fit” challenge. The goal was to get Jason’s fitness and body back to make him “match fit”. Being a trained athlete Jason already had a slim frame with only 10% body fat but after he worked with this intense training plan he reduced this to an impressive 7.5% body fat and achieved a fantastic 6 pack!

    The training plan involves a combination of strength training and kettlebell conditioning. He told Men’s Health, “My trainer Steve had weights coming at me from all angles, calling on muscles I’d never worked before.”

    Jason also needed to completely rethink his diet as it was full of sweets, chocolates and fizzy drinks. The food plan I devised consists predominatly of high proteins and slow release carbohydrates. Despite initially dreading the food he was surprised at how much he enjoyed the healthy choices I gave him. He admitted, “My diet used to be pretty awful, so I had to turn that around. I used to dread the porridge with water when I was a player, but Steve got me adding cinnamon and blueberries to get the metabolism spike and I absolutely loved it. I’m still on the stuff now.”

    It was really great working with Jason as his levels of fitness were outstanding. We are both really pleased with the results and I’m sure you’ll agree from the photos that his hard work paid off. I’m sure he could give the youngsters at Charlton a run for their money!

    Jason agrees, “As I’m coaching these days it’s good to know I can still show the boys how it’s done in the gym.’

    Now it’s time to try it for yourself…

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    1 review for Men’s Health Jason Euell’s 4 Week Match Fit Training & Nutrition PDF Plan

      Danny Whitemaker November 18, 2014

      Bought this for preseason and it made a hell of a difference when the season kicked off as I was streets ahead of my teammates. Will be doing this every preseason until I hang my boots up! Dan

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