Total Rugby Flab 2 Fit Female 6 Week Training & Nutrition PDF Plan

Total Rugby Flab 2 Fit Female 6 Week Training & Nutrition PDF Plan



– Burns fat
– Sculpts the body
– Tones abs

– Resistance workouts
– Bodyweight workouts
– Conditioning workouts
– Ab workouts
– Weekly meal plan for training days (vegetarian & meat eaters)
– Weekly meal plan for rest days (vegetarian & meat eaters)
– Simple foods for busy lifestyles
– Different choices for each meal and snack
– Supplement suggestions with 40% discount code (optional)

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PLEASE NOTE: We believe in a paperless environment and find clients like to best open the plan on their phones and tablets when training. This is a PDF Plan.

  • Description


    In the second “Flab To Fit” challenge for the TV series Total Rugby, I trained Maria Castellina (captain and scrum half for Rosslyn Park FC) over a period of six weeks. Maria wanted to lead her team from the front by raising her level of fitness, improving her physique and heightening her performance at rugby.

    This training and nutrition plan that I devised aims to burn fat, maintain muscle and improve fitness levels from all angles. The workouts combine resistance, core and cardio which progressively overloaded week on week to ensure the most physical dramatic changes.

    When exercising, following a diet high in protein is essential. Protein is the muscle’s building blocks and aids their repair and recovery and is mostly found in meat and fish. Being a vegetarian Maria’s diet was a challenge as I needed to use other sources of proteins from foods such as nuts, grains and plants. (I have included the vegetarian diet plan that Maria used and also a seperate diet plan for meat eaters).

    By following this plan Maria made impressive changes each week and, after just six weeks, she lost an amazing 10% body fat, 7cm around her chest, 9cm around her waist and 9cm from her hips.

    The Total RugbyFlab to Fit” challenge was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but the results have been phenomenal – my game has improved and I feel fitter, stronger and healthier. Steve broke the diet and exercise down for me so it was easy to follow and kept me going when things got tough! If a beer-drinking rugby player like me can do it, anyone can – so long as you put your mind to it.”
    Maria Castellina

    Now it’s your turn to make that change…

  • Reviews (2)

    2 reviews for Total Rugby Flab 2 Fit Female 6 Week Training & Nutrition PDF Plan

      Alexis Svard January 31, 2014

      I dropped 2 dress sizes thanks to Steve’s plan. Can’t thank you enough and neither can my hubby lol! xxx

      Violet November 20, 2014

      Made me so much more confident, thankyou guys x

      PS one warning you still have to be disciplined! The food/diet was the hardest bit!

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