Total Rugby Flab 2 Fit Male 6 Week Training & Nutrition PDF Plan

Total Rugby Flab 2 Fit Male 6 Week Training & Nutrition PDF Plan



– Burns fat
– Builds muscle
– Conditions abs

– Strength workouts
– Bodyweight workouts
– Conditioning workouts
– Ab workouts
– Weekly meal plan for training days
– Weekly meal plan for rest days
– Simple foods for busy lifestyles
– Different choices for each meal and snack
– Supplement suggestions with 40% discount code (optional)

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PLEASE NOTE: We believe in a paperless environment and find clients like to best open the plan on their phones and tablets when training. This is a PDF Plan.

  • Description


    World Rugby

    For six weeks I trained Tom Ridgeway (utility back for the Old Tiffinians rugby club) for the Total RugbyFlab to Fit” challenge. The goal essentially was to reduce Tom’s body fat whilst maintaining his lean muscle in an attempt to turn him from “Flab to Fit” in just six weeks. With 21% body fat I knew it wasn’t an easy task ahead.

    The training regime that I designed for Tom consisted of resistance, core and cardiovascular workouts. Each training system was progressively overloaded to ensure the body changed, changed and changed some more.

    The other major factor in Tom’s success was his diet. The nutrition plan that I devised reduces carbohydrate intake and replaces this with foods high in protein to help the body in utlise fat stores as energy whilst protecting lean muscle.

    With this plan and after just six weeks Tom lost a staggering 10.7% body fat and reduced his waist by 12cm. Tom increased his lean muscle and gained an amazing 5cm around his chest.

    The Old Tiffinians utility back transformed not only his body but his game too!

    Now it’s your turn…

    See Tom Ridgeway training through the full 6 part series right here.

  • Reviews (2)

    2 reviews for Total Rugby Flab 2 Fit Male 6 Week Training & Nutrition PDF Plan

      Tom Ridgeway October 4, 2013

      Changed my life! Absolutely superb!

      Marcus W January 27, 2014

      It really does work, I completed the programme and have managed to lose weight and gain physique just in time for my wedding. Would loved to have Steve personal train me through it to give me that extra kick up the ass, none-the-less it’s a great plan and I feel heaps better than I did 8 weeks back. Highly recommend!

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